Capturing Travel Memories with Photography

Zurich, Switzerland

Taking pictures while traveling has never been so easy, so inexpensive and so popular.  Gone are the days when we must be selective on what shots to snap in order to ‘ration’ our film, thanks to digital photography.   Most travelers, with few exceptions, make their goal to capture the ambiance of where they are and what they are seeing during their adventure and exploration.  Of course, there are those who feel that photography takes away from what they are experiencing when traveling.  I, on the other hand, want to collect those visual memories from each and every special destination and experience to re-live in years to come.

A photo is a purposeful attempt at taking a beautiful image and capturing the moment.  Taking the right amount of time to take quality photos can greatly enhance your travel experience in several ways:

  1. Photography makes you more aware of your surroundings and the overall experience of who you are with and what you are seeing and observing.  Look for the perfect picture.  Look at different angles, framing, lighting, and content.  Look at buildings, colors, faces on people, the clouds and sky highlighting an object or setting.   Look how differently nature appear at sunrise or sunset.  Once you begin looking for photos, you see much more of the world than if you are just ‘walking through it’.
  2. I want to remember my trip. Photos help you remember.  The undeniable test of a photograph’s ability to help you remember doesn’t come the day after you take it; it comes years later.  It may be a year, it may be 10 years but looking through your journey in photographs to a destination will be a very welcome and satisfying experience where you can rekindle many remarkable moments.

    Venice, Italy

  3. People will actually want to see your vacation photos. They may not necessarily want to see you in front of landmarks throughout your entire ‘album’ but they will be interested in the destination itself.  They may not want to see ALL of your photo collection, but they may become inspired, or simply awed by what you have seen and are now sharing with them.  Keep in mind that the better pictures you take the more interest will be shown by friends and family, plus you will enjoy them far more in the end!

    Cairo, Egypt

    Travel photography is not about owning the largest, latest and greatest, most expensive camera.  You can do it successfully with nothing more than a smartphone or a small size pocket camera.  The key to quality and meaningful photography is paying careful and close attention to your surroundings.  Take your time, enjoy, frame and shoot!

    Falkland Islands

If you love to travel and you enjoy taking pictures and saving memories, travel photography is one of the most gratifying hobbies out there.  Not only do you get to show off your skills, but you also get to relive your travels whenever you want.

So on your next trip, take the time to pay attention to your surroundings and take those shots which inspire you and you will be rewarded for many years to come.

Happy Travels!